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Photos with spotting scopes ??

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I have a quick question. I've seen people post photos and was under the impression that some of them are taken using a spotting scope. If you're scoping a bunch of deer in a field can you use the scope to photo them with your 'regular' digital camera by just putting the lens of your camera in the eyepiece of your scope?

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I have been doing this some lately as well. It works ok, but I really want to get a digiscoping set up sometime soon. It is very addicting! Here are a few pictures I took through my Pentax PF-80ED with my wife's POS 2.1 MP HP camera.

You can tell that they aren't great pictures, but if they are close enough you can get some pretty good ones. The Doe and the smaller goat were within 300 yards, but the other two photos were a long ways off.


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