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picking a board?

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i think i got lucky with my first board bow. i am a little confused on what to look for. i know you want the grain to be straight, but is it from all 6 sides? or just the 4 long sides? here is a picture of the side i am confused about. does it matter how this side runs?
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That looks fine. Actually, the grain only has to be straight on what would be the back and belly. The other four sides aren't important.

Also look to see if the board is hard, and heavy, as well as free of any sort of deteriortion form decomposition as well as over-kiln drying a bad piece. If one board is really light- don't buy it.

Below are three boards. The top two are dense, smooth, straight grained, and in good condition. The bottom one is light, deteriorated, and doesn't folow the growth rings very well. I'd buy the top two in an instance (the were actually one board, cut in half) but would run away from the bottom one screaming:).


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