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I wanted to start this thread to help answer any questions related to Pilla Eyewear. I know some archers are skeptical of the products, even though they are proven in the field and endorsed by many of the Archery Governing bodies (ie World Archery). I hope as a Pro / Staff Shooter (both archery and shooting sports), i will be able to help those wanting to know more or interested.

the websites to reference about products are - Canada / USA - USA / Global - Europe

and also your local Archery / Shooting Sports Pro shop. If they don't have it, ask they to bring it in, or refer to the Pilla websites for resellers.

some FAQ's

  • All Lenses and Frames are made by Zeiss out of Italy
  • Pilla Archery Lenses have no Nose Bridge or eye Bridge or nose pads to get in the way during full draw
  • All Pilla products work on STANDARD optical base curve measurements / sizing of the lenses
  • Can be purchased in 1 lens, 2 lens, 3 lens or more kits.
  • There are Rx Prescription options for almost all eyewear (except for the 560 Series)
  • Cross functional eyewear can be used in other shooting and eventing sports such as Trap / Skeet / Sporting Clays / 5 Stand / 3 Gun / IPSC / Equestrian / Aviation / Running / Cycling
  • There is even a lifestyle line of Pilla Products.
  • Lenses have Lifetime manufacture defect warranty. Frames are 1 year warranty.
  • PILLA FRAME MATERIALS: Titanium, Surgical Steel, Carbon Fiber, Stainless Steel, Megol High Performance Rubber
  • Since 2002, Pilla has about 85,000 frames in the field and growing.
  • Pilla ZEISS VIVX Lenses meets the following standards:

    ANSI Z87.1 2010 (Pilla ZEISS VIVX lenses exceed the High Mass Test.), ANSI Z80.3, AS1067-2003, EN1836-2005.

  • Applications in both Recurve / Compound / Hunting
  • For 3 Spot, 10 Ring, FITA Targets, the Dead Center Technologies (Blue lenses such as 35DC and 60DC are Archery specific) and are legal use in all Archery governing bodies.
  • For 3D, the MX Series 18MBX, 45MX are perfect for 3D and Bow Hunting applications
  • see what each lense function and capabilities

The biggest misconception is the pricing. People see the pricing for 3 lens kits which start at about $899... see below for single pricing.

here is what it is (in USD.. Canadian dollars on the site is just converted from USD)

Panther X6A - 1 Lens Kit (no Rx) - $429
Panther X6A - 1 Lens Kit with Rx - $818
Panther X4A / X7A - 1 Lens Kit (No Rx) - $349
Panther X4A / X7A - 1 Lens Kit - with Rx - $738
Panther Outlaw X6A/X7A - 1 Lens Kit (with No Rx insert) - $449
Panther Outlaw X6A/X7A - 1 Lens Kit with Rx insert - $838
580 / 540 - 1 Lens with Rx - $549

This pricing is very compareable to regular eyewear with an Rx.

basically for Pilla to do the Rx for your insert it is $389 using the Zeiss VIVX2 lens materials in the lens and frame

Another option is for you to purchase the insert at $189 with no Rx and have your own optician grind and install the prescription. If you choose this, it is important that you definitely have them add the best anti-reflective coatings (which will probably be Zeiss anyway)

As a pro staff shooter, I will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding the Pilla Products and how they work in archery specific applications.



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