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I am sellin my little girls 08 right handed Hoyt. It was used only for 2 indoor winter youth archery. She wants a crossbow now for hunting:mg:
The bow along with the string is in fantastic shape.

Draw Length
18"-26" Easily adjustable without a press

Draw weight
20 - 30 lbs. Also easily adjusted:wink:

Inincluded with the bow is:
an Aurora "bugs line" youth quiver
Long youth arm guard
6 gold tip 600 ultralight entradas-24" 231(total arrow weight) 4 are fletched with pink and purple feathers and the other 2 are bare.
meta peep and d-loop ( I would be more than happy to replace with a nock point for ya if need be !)
There is an itsy bitsy teeny mark where the rest was
I have a cheap nylon prong rest I will include if you need it. I will also adjust the draw and weight if you need.

This bow shoots fantastic and is very well built.You would be hard pressed to find a better youth bow when it comes to quality and shooting performance.That is only my opinion and it was formed after being involved with a youth archery program for 3 years and seeing many quality youth bows.
I will ship it expeditiously for Christmas if ya want !
I accept Paypal for an additional 3%

I will sell this together for $340 to your door
I will sell the bare bow for $310 to your door
Pm with any questions and thanks for your time !!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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