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For Sale is a Pink Lemonade Genesis bow setup. I bought this for my daughter in February for her birthday, we had it totally set up in March, she shot 3 arrows thru it at the Pro-Shop and hasn't touched it since...

It has an XIT stabilizer, custom made pink and black wrist strap, A carolina archery Bisquit type rest, and a 3 pin Impact Archery Sight. It also has a peep sight, loop and kisser button. This setup cost me over 300.00 with accesories, the bow, and the labor for setup. My husband was recently disabled and we are trying to sell our bows.

I would like 250.00 for this bow and I'll ship it for no extra charge on the east coast. West Coast or midwest will have to pay shipping charges. This bow is very light, and it would make a great christmas gift! I also have a 1/2 dozen arrows, that I will sell for an additional 20.00.

here is a link with lots of pictures of the bow: p3/

This album also has the pictures of the MArtin P3 for sale, the Pink Lemonade is Pink and white.

Any questions please email me for instant response at [email protected]!

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