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pins, arrow and string not in line

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with an arrow nocked on the rest and sighting down the shaft in line with the string, the pins are about 1/2" left. (not in line with the string and arrow) I haven't had a chance to paper tune yet but I set centershot at 3/4" which may need to move 1/16" one way or the other. My other Mathews are somewhere in that range for centershot. Do I have a mechanical problem or does this not matter? It just doesn't seem right to me.
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With any modern bow having a cable rod/slide or anything that pulls the cables to one side the sight pins will rarely line up with the string and arrow. They can be outside center by as much as 1/4". In short this is to counteract the side torque induced by the rod/slide, or in your case the roller guard.
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