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Pinwheel software

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I downloaded the shaft selecter yesterday and have really enjoyed it so far. I do have a question/concern. Since downloading it my computer has been messing up every few minutes (Connection errors, not up loading pictures, error messages). It's unbareable! My question or questions is: Has anyone else had a problem with the download? If I uninstall this software (to make sure that is what is causing it) will I be able to get it back since I paid for it? Obviously it would be better to call Pinwheel...I did. A machine answered and said they would be out for a few days:confused: ? Any help is appreciated!
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nuts&bolts said:
Copy the file to a disk or keychain flash drive.

Run some virus software.

Delete the file,
and see if that changes anything.

Then, decide if you want to reload the file on the keychain drive.

I have had no problems.

I've never had any issues when downloading any of their updates, etc.
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