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Planting 1/2 acre food plot on 10 acres

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I have a primary place to hunt where I am from but I own 10 acres left from my Grandfather that I am wanting to plant a food plot on this year. Primarly I hunt large wheat field so I don't have any experience planting my own food plots. I have done a good deal of research and plan on spraying my first dose of roundup this weekend. What I am struggling with is location. Where should I plant a 1/2 acre plot on this property?

The house and sheep barn are abandoned and have been since his passing in 2013.

Thank you for the help. It would be really cool to harvest an animal from his land this year!

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A few thoughts..

1) Keep in mind a 1/2 acre plot isn't going to be a "destination" food plot. So while deer in the area will utilize it, small plots are best placed in corridors where deer are traveling through (or near) anyway. They then become temporary feeding areas or feeding areas utilized on the way to another one. They can also be staging areas for rutting activity etc if enough cover is around them.

Depending on your familiarity with the area, you could also hang cameras to see the common travel of the area. Land contours (if much) and surrounding cover will also help dictate this. You want to look at the "surrounding checkers on the checker board" so to speak to get the big picture.

2) Remember access is key for hunting, especially bowhunting. You want to put in a location where you can enter, hunt AND exit without alerting deer. Building a strip of cover can also help with this.

Cross referencing the 2 items listed above can help nail down your location.

Lastly, what is the green field to the north? Pasture? Ag?

Btw, we were fortunate enough to purchase my grandpas farm when he passed away also. The sentimental value is worth it. Good luck!

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I could always plant more but I would have to rent equipment and I'm trying to keep it relatively cheap. I think the spot has some potential. I threw out some corn last year just by hand and had over 12 buck on camera in one month. Nicest is attached.

I attached a picture of the surrounding area
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