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Hi everyone. I need some help. Due to a death in the family I have come into possession of an older Jennings Compound bow. This bow doesn’t have any model name or numbers on it at all. From my research I think I have figured out that it is an original first generation Arrowstar. Here is a link to a website that shows Tom Jennings holding the same type bow back in the early 70’s when he was first starting up his company.
Here are some links to that show pictures of our bow. Just click on the links or copy and paste them into your browser.
I have been asked to sell the bow because the widow cannot use it and really needs the money. My question is….does anyone have the slightest idea what this bow is worth? I was told it may be collectable. Is it a collectable? I know diddly about these things but want to get the best price for the widow. Can anyone help me? Give me any idea what to ask for it? Please help! Thank you very much in advance!


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