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hello all
i have a new found luv bow shooting
i just shot my first arow 1 week ago at my friends house with his bow i am only 12
i have fallen in love with the sport
not to brag but i hit a buls eye at 25 yards my first shot ever
i dont have a bow
my family doesnt have a lot of mony
i am poasting this from my friends house
my mother would love to by me one to see me happy but i know she cant even aford to buy herself some new shoes
i am an only child that lives with my mother my father ran out on us a while ago, right now i have a stick and some string with an arow i made it only shoots about 10 feet but keeps me acupied
my friend has an older lynx martin and can hunt with it he has got his first deer 3 weeks ago
and he told me if i could get a bow i could hunt with he and his father would take me hunting. but i dont got the money to buy one with.

so if anyone has a bow laying around that the could part with. anything would help. i could probly scroung up enuf mony to pay shiping costs
i would greatly apresheate it.

thanks to all who have looked,
god ,bles:rolleyes:

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With NJ

Hi Sean,I'm sure most of the people on this site would give some kind of help ,old arrows ,arrow rest, peep site ,some kind of sights and so on! the problem is how can we tell if your serious? How about PM ing a couple of people like myself and anyone else that offers to help with a PH# so we can possiably talk to your Mom,or a Email of the freinds Dad that will be teaching you how to use the bow and hunt. This way we can kind of judge if this if for real or not! Have you taken your Bow coarse yet? what grade are you in and how are ya doing in school? I have a Fred Bear bow that was my son's that he learned on,and thru the years its been passed around to my buddys kids for the same reason.How do you feel about this? and what kind of a bow are you looking for ?
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