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I'd really recommend you hit 5shot's site, or get the easton tuning guide off thier site.

I also started with archery this year, and found similar problems. Although I thought my bow was tuned in well, when I started broadhead practice this fall, I found I was dead wrong. I also found that one set of broadheads that may work well in my bow, may not work well with your setup. I'm shooting UltimateSteel 125Gr fixed broadheads as these I found shoot VERY well out of my bow, while another set shot very lousy out of my bow.

The tuning looks very intimidating at first, but it's really pretty straight forward. I started by making a simple paper tuning frame out of some scrap wood I had laying around, and tuning through newspaper (2 sheets). This got me to the "gross" adjustment. I then tuned specifically to the broadheads I now use, and found that I'm shooting my field points and my broadheads in exactly the same place, from 10yds to 30+yds. I don't shoot further than that, so I don't know how they'd work outside that range.

All in all, I spent about 2-3 hours tuning the bow (which is really shooting time, so is that ALL bad????? :D ) But now I'm confident that when the time comes, if I don't screw anything ELSE up, then my shot will go exactly where I want. [offer valid only for heart rates under 250/min]

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