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Possible Setup Change

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OK, I kinda have a dilemna here. There are a bunch of products that I have been wanting to try, but dont have the money for. Right now I am shooting a QS Whisker Biscuit with Blazer Vanes. My Whisker Biscuit had some abnormal whisker tearing in the beginning but I think i have fixed that. I also have been having some fletching problems, but I think i fixed that problem too, but it is still annoying. Now, I am questioning getting a Drop Rest and Switching to FOBS, but like I said, I am low on cash. What do you guys think?

Ohh yeah, right now my bow is very accurate out to 40 yards.
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I'm useing a Trophy Taker Pronghorn [plain jane model] with blazers work's great I think I paid 45 bucks at gander. When I switched to Fobs it worked without making any adjustments.
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