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Just wanted to post a review of a great company. I needed to replace the fiber optic filament in my Truglo RangeRover due to a broke filament. Truglo did not offer a replacement filament for this sight, so I went looking elsewhere on line. I ran across, and they had exactly what I needed, at a reasonable price. (Also, I couldn't find anyone else that sold 3 to 4 ft lengths of fiber optics in 0.019" for bows.)

I ended up getting their Ultra Super Flex 40" 0.019 fiber. It flared perfectly with a lighter, just like they said on there website. I had it installed in about 5 minutes after getting it in the mail. Shipping was quick, at only a few days. Plus, the fiber is brighter than the original in the RangeRover (maybe due to age of the old fiber. I'm not sure.)

Anyway, I had a positive experience with this company, and thought I would share.

I'm not an employ, or staff shooter, just a happy customer.
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