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Predator Camo

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Do you use Predator Camo?

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After taking a bunch of pictures of myself in camo against various backgrounds, I switched to Predator. But, I like to mix camo patterns, too. In this picture, I'm wearing Predator pants and a digital camo top:

Here's the Natural Gear I _used_ to wear (which works well in some situations, but not this one):

This is a piece of WWII camo netting that I cut a hole in and am wearing as a poncho. Note how the poncho/dress hides my legs:

Color version of the above:

I like how the big blotchy bold pattern of Predator breaks me up here:

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Yup just about all I wear, besides Cabelas Outfitter wooltimate in High Plains camo I start bow season in Spring Green then transition to Fall Gray for the rest of the season great stuff, still wish they made Fall Brown.
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