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Press for X-Force SS

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I have ventured in to the DIY and seen a press that would handle my X-Force SS so I decided to try to make one. The press that i went off of was from member Archer Dude-

I have attached a couple of pictures of the press with the bow. I changed the figer mounts from the original and made a stand instead of buying one.


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Great lookin press, how are the fingers held to the press, the pictures arent showing that to clear.

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Questions answered

How much did that cost you to build ?
Jack $30.00 (Harbor Freight)
Steel $12.00 (Local shop)
Fingers $ 10.00 (Chunk- cut with jig saw)
misc... $10.00 (set screws, bolts, springs, coating, paint)
total $62.00 give or take a few

The fingers are held in place with set screws to a piece if solid stock.

Took about 2 hours to make and is very effective even on the older bows that are not parallel.. I have pressed a bow that is 50 inches long with this press..

I put the springs in to give it the adjustability instead of using nuts on the inside to have to move in and out.
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