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2012 G5 Prime Centroid Parallel-Cam compound bow. Arguably the most technologically advanced bow in the world. Specs listed below. Bow $949.99, accessories included with MSRP listed: AXT Carbon quiver $199.99, Trophy Ridge Micro Alpha V5 (vertical pin) sight $149.99, NAP 360 Full-Capture rest, $49.99, Trophy Ridge Static stabilizer $39.95, Custom Wrist Sling $15.99, G5 Speed studs $12.99, SKB Parallel limb Bow Case $129.99, Beman Nightfall Arrows 6 ea $59.94. Complete package, add your release and go! Shoot a bow that is as accurate as you are!
Total MSRP including Bow: $1658.82 Sale Price: $1055.00 with everything, without case $955.00, bare bow $650.00. Prime Centroid 004a.jpg Prime Centroid 003a.jpg Prime Centroid 001a.jpg Save over 600 bucks and get yourself the best!
60#, 28.5" Bow has been owned by a bow professional since new. New strings installed and current Hooter-Shooter tuned for perfect bullet holes out an past 20 yards. Bow used for league target shooting only, never been in the woods! Absolutely the quietest, smoothest, most accurate bow I've ever shot, period. And needless to say, I've shot a GOB of bows.
So why am I selling it? Simple, 'cus I'm about to drop about 2.5 G on a new Prime setup.
Serious inquiries only. No low ballers, I know what this is worth and that's a lot more than I'm asking. This is a fair price and a FANTASTIC value.
Bow Model: Prime Centroid
Cam System: Parallel Cam Technology
Brace Height: 7 inches
Axle-To-Axle Length: 34 1/4 inches
Mass Weight: 4 pounds
Letoff: 80 percent
Advertised IBO Speed: 332 fps (PC#6 28.5" 315-310 fps)
Finish: Black
MSRP: $999.99"
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