For sale or trade
Prime CT-5
65 Lbs draw weight
29.5 inch draw
NEW ABB platinum strings (Natural Color)
3/16” peep
Morel Green

I love this bow and it was my one and only for quite some time. Got a newer bow and I just don’t shoot this one much anymore. VERY clean and I will be happy to send very detailed photos to a serious buyer or answer any questions about condition. This bow was either in my hand or in a SKB case. I bought it new and have been the only person to ever shoot it.

No corrosion
No abuse
No boogered up threads for stabilizers, sight, or rest
Fit and finish is better than any other bow I have
One beautiful yet mean looking bow

This bow is in tune and I can easily group bareshafts, field points, and broadheads. However the bow will be sold without a rest. I got it to tune with both a QAD and a Hamskea

Never been shimmed
Comes with both cable and limb stops
Has 29.5” draw length cams

Great "do it all bow" I shot 3D, TAC, and Indoor with this bow and then hunted with it in the fall.

Would be happy to entertain trades. Interested in releases, sights, trad equipment, hunting gear, ect. I can trade either up or down +/- cash.

I’ve been a contributing member of AT for years.