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Prime Rival Bow (29” draw / 60-70lb) - $450 Shipped
  • Purple and orange 60x bow string – almost new
  • With extra factory bowstring.
Only blemish on the Bow is on the shelf as showing in the pictures - I am in the process of talking to Prime about this as the blemish is on the removable shelf extension. Hoping they will send me a new one.

Prime soft bow case - $100

Would love to sell Bow and case together for $500 shipped.

Photograph White Line Font Black Bicycle wheel rim Synthetic rubber Bicycle tire Silver Laminate flooring Finger Thumb Black Nail Metal Bicycle part Tool Metal Steel Stationery Composite material Knot Silver Natural material Rope Bag Black Zipper Leather Musical instrument accessory Musical instrument accessory Bag Zipper Leather Baggage Textile Leather Bag Material property Musical instrument accessory

If anyone would like to buy multiple items or everything Im willing to work out a good deal.

Sight, Stabilizers, and Rest also for sale:


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