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Prime Rival Bow (29” draw / 60-70lb) - $450 Shipped
  • Purple and orange 60x bow string – almost new
  • With extra factory bowstring.
Only blemish on the Bow is on the shelf as showing in the pictures - I am in the process of talking to Prime about this as the blemish is on the removable shelf extension. Hoping they will send me a new one.

Prime soft bow case - $100

Would love to sell Bow and case together for $500 shipped.

IMG-0937.jpg IMG-0938.jpg IMG-0939.jpg IMG-0940.jpg IMG-0942.jpg IMG-0943.jpg IMG-0944.jpg IMG-0945.jpg

If anyone would like to buy multiple items or everything Im willing to work out a good deal.

Sight, Stabilizers, and Rest also for sale:


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