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primos stl

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i don't hear much talk about the stl...what's the boards opion on this bow for hunting?
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I have not got to shoot one of those Left handed so I don't get to shoot before buying. They look like a nice hunting bow though to be sure. It is a little longer axel to axel than I am usually shooting. I like the smaller bows overall. Nothing past 35 inches axel to axel for me. It should be a nice stable and very accurate with its size. I have me a new PSE Triton on the way. If I can sell my right handed Epic Xtreme I am going to get my wife one to match it. That will make an entire PSE family here. My son is shooting a Spyder. I am sure the Primos is an A1 Plus hunting bow. I would also like to hear from those shooting them. Chime in there guys. Surely someone out there isn't shooting a Hoyt or Mathews.:p
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