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Hi folks, I'm new here but post on some of the other archery forums a bit. I'm posting because I am really puzzled about my experience with the Primos Vision. I read alot of reviews from folks that really seem to love this thing, and very few reviews that are not good. My personal experience with this blind is a really bad one, and I wanted to see if anyone else has seen some of these same problems, both with quality and with function in the field.
I had to send the first blind back because on the second time I set it up, the grommet that holds the fabric to the hub ripped out of place. Also, the black nylon strap that the mesh rides along was only held in place by a single stitch at each attachment point. A few adjustments of the mesh, and I ended up having to safety pin them. I called Primos and they did send a replacement. It looked like someone actually reinforced the stitching of the slide by hand, because I could see remnants of a chalk line, and the color of thread was a little different. The second blind, the zipper came off track after a few days of hunting, and the magnets look like they are wearing through the fabric. I always stake the zipper after its closed, because it seems like there is too much tension on the zipper anyways.
From the start I was a little apprehensive about the lose mesh. I wasn't planning on shooting through it, but I thought in windy conditions it would spook game. Well, Tuesday afternoon on my annual Nebraska turkey hunt, that suspicion was confirmed. I had several instances where birds would stop and start head bopping, and/or go way around the blind when they were headed right to me. On one instant, we set up 2 days in a row, in an afternoon spot where birds follow an old road to a roosting area. You can set up on the bluffs and watch these birds like clockwork follow this road. With the Vision blind they stopped at 40 yards, were visibly spooked by the blind and went well around it. However, the next day, we sat the exact same spot with my friends old Double Bull (same shape, same camo pattern as the Vision), and the turkeys followed the road all the way down. The same hens that spooked on my blind walked just a few feet from the Double Bull.
After setting it up a few times and observing it from a distance, here is why I think animals are spooked. First, the outside mesh is too lose. If you have the mesh panels all stretched out in place, they flutter alot in even a slight breeze. Secondly, with a moderate gust of wind, the blackout panels "pop" out as the blind inflates, and it makes quite a bit of sound; when they then deflate, they make a crinkling fabric sound also. Its kind of like a sailboat in the marina sound, as the fabric inflates and deflates. The blackout panels are just too lose as well.
Finally, the thing that really suprised me... I had a hen spook at the site of this blind from 100 yards away. This was in the early morning sunlight. At this point, I was furious, I got out of the blind and walked down to where the hen was to see if I could tell what she spooked at. Looking at the blind, you could really see the fluttering of the mesh, but more than that the area of closed windows was going from dark to light as the blackout panels would "inflate" or "deflate". When they were inflated, the rectangle area of window looked the same color as the blind, but as the panel deflated and slightly fell away from the mesh, it created a shadow which makes the large rectangular window appear darker than the rest of the blind. It was really quite obvious and I could see how it would spook an animal, as its not natural to see a large rectangle go from dark to light to dark to light. And there is just way too much movement in the mesh itself.
I am really dissappointed in this blind, and I feel like I'm in the twilight zone or something because I read all these positive reviews for this blind. I'd like to hear some of your experiences, especially the bad ones. I almost feel like I'm doing something wrong or something. How can I have these troubles and no one else seems to ? Anyone have any experience with windy conditions?
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