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Private messages

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I got a few private messages regarding a Navajo Caddo longbow Im selling. Im never sure that hitting reply, sends a reply. A motorcycle board Im on doesnt work when you hit "reply". Id hate to think people think Im ignoring them. Does "reply" send a reply as it should?
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Fin -

Always has for me.

Viper1 out.
I believe that you can request a receipt confirmation with your reply. In this way, you get an automatic computer message back confirming that the other guy got your message/reply and agreed to the confirmation.
I thought I requested reciept....but theres 2 guys who seemed interested in a trade..and no response. Id hate to think folks my think Im ignoring them or something!
Receipt confirmation messages are not automatically sent upon receipt and opening of the message. The message receiver is first asked whether or not a receipt confirmation should be sent. While I cannot see doing it, it is plausible that someone might decide not to have the receipt confirmation message sent. My guess is that they decided not to pursue any interest in your bow. Don't worry about it and don't let it get to you. You sound like you've attended to all the normal courtesies so the next move is up to them.
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