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A couple of days ago I bought a Bodoodle Zapper arrow rest at the local pro shop. I installed it and when I shot it I got terrible arrow flight. You could see the arrow corkscrewing as it went down range. The best I could get it to do on paper was a 4 in. high right tear. I took it to the proshop the owner and I tried for almost 2 hours to get it to tune. The best we could get it to do was a 1.5 in high left tear. We even tried different spine arrows. I know papertuning isn't the end all of tuning but the best groups are about 50% larger than they were with my old TM Hunter rest. Any ideas?

My setup:
'03 Magnatec cam .5 62# at 28 in
Bodoodle Zapper 300
Shockblocker Stab
Trophy Ridge sight
Limb Savers
Cat Whiskers
27 1/2 in. Easton Carbon Epic 400 Shafts w/4 in. Bohing vanes
100 gr field point
Copper John Eagle 2 finger release from a string loop

BTW vane clearance is not a problem
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