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Project Backcountry??? Anyone heard of this???

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Apparently David Chapman put together a team of some of the best bowhunters/advocates of the advancement of the sport. This team is called "Project Backcountry" Marc Smith, Jon Yokley, Jason Montagna, Steve McIntosh,Rusty Silva, Brandon Huntsman, David Chapman and Zac Griffith. They are already backed by Vortex Optics, Gold Tip, Winner's Choice Strings, SKB Cases and Ruben Ramos Knives. To have those companies behind them they must be doing something huge. I myself am tired of all the "teams" but if a team comes along that helps all of us. I am all for it. Here's their Facebook page and they say there is a website in the making that is going to have tons of helpful videos and information. there is also a blog called Project Backcountry but the team one has like 400 likes while the blog one has like 40....
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Yes I have heard of this!! What an awesome group of guys that are so selfless as to their knowledge, tips and tactics! Never met a bunch of nicer guys!! Project Backcountry Rocks!!

Can't wait to follow them into the future!!

#1 fan!!
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