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Proshop broke my recurve

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I was recently given a recurve bow after a friend had died. When I received the bow, it did not have a string. The bow looked to be in otherwise perfect condition. I brought it up to the local proshop and told one of the workers, not the owner, that I wanted to make sure the bow was in good working condition and a needed a new string. Then I left.

Three days later, the owner calls me and says that he broke the bow. He claims the limb was twisted and when he put the string on and pulled it back, the limb slintered and broke. I had examined it to the best of my ability before I took it there and found nothing wrong.

Why could he have not detected this before he put the sting on and pulled it back!? This seems odd to me.

What should I do in this situation? I do know enough about recurves to know that it was a quality piece and probably expensive to replace.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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They are called a pro shop for a reason, they do this on a day to day basis
They are a pro shop not the physic hotline, can you imagine if you went into a pro shop to get a new string and they said sure no problem as soon as we get it back from sending it out for an X-ray, that should take a few weeks and cost about $500.00. I do guitar work and when someone brings me an old acoustic that hasn't had any tension on the neck for years its always a crap shoot.
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