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Pse desperado arrow information thread

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This is a thread with info on the PSE DESPERADO arrows-

Length nock to tip- 28.5 inches

Total arrow weight-

Tip is 7/16th long past end of shaft

3 fletch 2.5 inches each, each vane weighs approx 4.4 grains

Nock is removeable, weighs approx 8.5 grains

Shaft is carbon, approx 7.5 gpi

Spine is said to be around 500

Tip weighs approx 118 grains

FOC is approx 10.5%

Printed on side of arrow - "MAXIMUM WEIGHT OF 50 POUNDS"

Weight tolerance

average weight 376.25 grains + or - 4.5 grains
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Cool thread. My kids lost the glue in points for most of their arrows. I want to replace them with screw in points. Would happen to know what size inserts would work with this arrow
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