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Well know Evo Cam system refreshed with new (indeed better) limbpockets. 337 IBO rated, will do 340, the 345 ATA speeds are only achieved through tuning and / or custom strings. Speeds you cannot complain about given how nice the draw is. Back wall is solid, but not rock hard.
Bow is somewhat sensitive to "going out of tune". You'll feel it or notice it if the bow is not in tune. The hybrid system luckily isn't very hard to keep in tune.
Riser is super solid and the limbs are of the proven X-force series. Little hum upon the shot, but no noticable jump or vibration out of this model. Could be quieter, but then again, there are few speedbows that are significantly better silenced without accessories attached.
New flex guard should make it easier to tune the bow and smoother to draw. I did not notice the extra smoothness, but it does help in yoke tuning, makes it more forgiving. Big downside though: if you don't put enough tension on the rod, it will allow the cables to hit the stringstop upon the shot. Check this when you set it up and locktite the screw down as it tends to come undone otherwise.
Bow balances well and features the BEST grip.
All together, this Evo Max makes for a great 3D/hunting crossover bow, especially if you like the weight / AtA of it. It is not that much faster than a Vendetta (smoother, holds a little bit better) or a Supra / Phenom, which you might prefer.

ProsSmooth drawing, well balanced, Fast for its type, solid riser and limbpockets
ConsMust be kept in tune, flex cable slide can bend inwards too far
Would you recommend?yes
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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