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I have been a HCA TSS shooter for 12 years. Hardcore HCA guy. But I shot a friends FT a few times and I started to research the bow and all it reviews. Then I shot it some more and I have to say it changed my mind. It has a smooth draw a great solid wall, and just enough weight to steady your shots. I would have to say if you want a fast accurate bow this is the big boy on the block. This bow is not for beginners. The BH is short so your shooting form needs to be perfect(almost). This bow will impress you, go shoot one. And its hard to admit but now I'm a 100% PSE Full throttle guy.

ProsFast, Quite, Great Draw, Accurate, 3D or Hunting
ConsVery short BH 5.25". none adjustable at all.
Would you recommend?yes
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