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was looking for lower poundage limbs and thanks to landrylm , succeeded in my goal. he hooked me up with a pr of ragim wildcat 62-66" 34# lbs @28".
on my impala with my 27 1/2" draw , they measure in @ 38# with a 60" bow.
all i had to do was enlarge the mount holes on the limbs with a 3/4" drill bit.
a lil camo tape and i was all set. so if anyone needs lower or higher # limbs for thier impala there ya go, ya now know what`ll work. not quite a perfect fit, but perfect enough for me. better yet, the change of limbs needed no retune.
the limbs shoot like they`re meant for my impala. anyways, heres a pic of how it turned out.

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