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For those shorter draw lengths out there - I wanted to provide some input on shooting the S2 cam vs. the E2 cam on the PSE levitate. My draw length is 28 inches so I was stuck deciding between maxing out the S2 cam or being at bottom end of the E2 cam. I finally found a shop that had the S2 cam.

Both were shot on 80lb bows but at 70lbs, 85% let off. I was worried the S2 cam would be harsher given that it was close to maxed out but I have to say it was so freaking smooth I loved it. The E2 cam felt good as well but the S2 cam felt event better.

Both of these cams have a constant weight you're pulling and with the settings above theres a very small hump that's not super noticeable and a noticeable but comfortable drop into the valley. The E2 felt a little stiffer to me than the S2, the S2 overall felt easier to draw.

I'll be purchasing the S2 version as soon as my financial plan allows for it, but likely wont be able to use the bow until next hunting season sadly. Overall it's an amazing bow though. I think once I deck it out I'll be set for the next 5+ years.
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