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I?m running into troubles with my PSE Stinger X and wondering if folks have ideas as to the source. The problems over the last seven days:
First, both the string and the buss cable popped out of the cable slide, at full draw and upon release. The arrow I was shooting stayed in place.
Second, an arrow broke-up upon release, leaving me with a nasty cut.
Third, the buss cable jumped out of cable slide after release.

The bow is at #59, draw length 29? and is about a year old. Interestingly, I?ve had three (yes, three) string stops (dampeners) break off, seemingly due to metal failure. They were set about 1/16 inch from the string. Up until a week ago, the bow was preforming very well. The string is the original when purchased; I?ve had them inspected and they don?t appear to be overly worn.

The broken arrow was an odd experience. It?s an STL Hunter 200. I?ve shot them hundreds of times without issue. As I understand it, it is the right arrow for the bow. The arrow broke about three-quarters of the way down the bow and then again around the nock. The main shaft went down range, the nock was beside me on the ground. The lower part of my whisker biscuit was scratched up by that shot (as was my hand...a bit of blood, some swelling, but nothing serious). The big question was whether this was a one-off arrow glitch, shooter error, or a deeper issue with the bow.

I have fired about 30 arrows since that arrow break and all seemed in working order, except for the last shot when the buss string popped out of the cable guide (there was an unpleasant clank when that occurred). I had the bow inspected following the

I have dry fired the bow once. This was several months ago, but the bow was performing very well prior to this recent set of issues.

I do give the bow a good workout, generally shooting at least 4 times a week. I do both target and 3D tournaments and hunt. The plan would be to upgrade after this next hunting season.

Any thoughts on what may be the source of the problem? Thanks

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