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Adapter plate.......

Yeah I had to find one myself for my Durango....Well I only used the one for the sight bracket so I could install my Trophy Ridge sites on it....As far as one for the notched out backside of the riser where your rest bolts on I dont think that PSE makes a filler plate for that...You dont need one anyway man, I just bolted my Trophy Taker to the riser as usual and set the centershot....You can do that with pretty much any rest, Be it a fall away, fixed position or capture type like a W.B.
The only type of rest that I could image not going on a PSE bow's riser would be something specifically made for another brands riser cut out....As far as finding the filler plate for the sights just contact PSE directly & they should hook you up...I dont have their number handy but the web site is
hope this helps ya a little bit man..........
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