Price Drop!
This is the fastest bow in production---366 to 358 fps. Not for beginners, wussies, wimps or old ladies!
60# limbs shoot 20fps faster than rival bows set to 70 lbs! It has the rare and unique Skullworks camo, strings like new, peep, D-loop and QAD HDX drop-away rest. New price was $949 without rest, which was $162. The cams are for 29inch draw length. Letoff is 70%, axle-to-axle 33 1/2 inches. This bow is QUIET!! Brace height 5.5...feel a need for speed?
Pics will be sent to your email address. Trades for bows with draw weight 40-60lbs considered, priority given to carbon riser bows. There are a few tiny rub marks here and there, mostly on edges, as the bow has been hunted.

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