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put on a new i have a loop question!

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OK just finished puting on my new string(first time)..all went well but now i am setting up everything else and am wondering what the majority of people are doing for loops.
i am use a 4 finger choc. addiction
and a scott longhorn
my old string had a large loop to acomidate a wrist strap release i scraped last year but never changed anything with the loop.

any sugestions would be apreciated
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yeah i got the loop material.

i was looking for advise on the best style of loop.
around the nock or under the nock
and if loop under then what is the best way to do it

how far below the brass bockset should the loop be.
should the arrow rest on the top knot or touching the underside of the brass nockset
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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