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Quartering shot

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I watch a lot of hunting shows...almost all the time actually...and spend every evening reading AT and there is a lot of conversation about the "perfect" bow shot being a quartering away shot. I have been very fortunate in my bow hunting and have usually managed to take a deer during bow seasons. Most of my shots are pass throughs. A well-placed quartering away shot enters behind the shoulder (hopefully) and exits usually through the other shoulder, either directly or a bit in front. How is the hole that is left any different depending on which side the arrow enters? Isn't a pass through quartering away shot the same as a pass through quartering to shot? Why is one good and one bad?
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You are assuming you will pass through. If you hit the shoulder bone just right it will not. Quartering away shot the vitals have been taken out before it reaches the opposite shoulder. Lung hit deer with one of his running gears taken out equals short tracking job. Deer with broadhead stuck in shoulder bone equals a deer with a real bad limp until someone finishes him off. Before you answer back with KE let me tell you this I shoot a 413 grain arrow at 279 fps and have failed to bust the shoulder bone. Luckily the neighbor finished him during rifle season.
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