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Question about nock travel for mathews.

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I talked to mathews tech dept. the other day and they kind of got upset when I asked them if they had even nock travel, I thought it was kind of funny they would get so upset. Anyways they told me that since they had even nock travel on their newer bows that I should put my nock at 90 degrees. Now my pro shop has told me to nock a little bit high due to uneven nock travel.

Which is true and does anybody else have any facts on where to nock? I have an Icon. Thanks in advance.
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Wow, this one might set off the holy war!!! Talking down on Mathews get there panties in a bunch. They got an attitude on the phone? Not cool, but anyway.

Do what the "proshop" says, paper tune it and come to your own conclusions. The shop owners tune and shoot these bows and know what works best. But the paper will tell the tail.
My Q2XL is alomost dead flat, set it this way then paper tune it. Just because the arrow might be a bit higher than dead flat dosn't always mean you don't have level nock travel. Arrows shot with a release tend to bend more up & down that left or right & so you may find you need to adjust for this. When I shoot a non fall away rest I tend to be a little above 90 but with the fall aways I end up closer to 90 than not!

Good luck, the best thing is to paper tune it & let the bow & arrow tell you what it wants.
I always start at 90degrees level

Seems to work for me but with some releases you need to sometimes be a little higher.

Not all Mathews bows have straightline nock point travel. The following bows are the ones that do providing that you are spined correctly and have the bow set up properly.


Set nock point straight back 90 degrees to the string, rest height so that the top of the arrow is even with the top of the rest bolt hole and center shot 13/16 to 3/4 inch and paper tune from this point. I had them fax me this info for the same question I had over the phone.
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Grendzer, I know this is a little late but I just read your reply to my post. You said that I was talking down on Mathews and panties in a buch or something..? I just wanted to clear this up, I by no means was talking down on Mathews at all. I was just saying that when I asked them about even nock travel I could tell the tech. got a little discouraged, (probably because so many people are talking smack about that)but he really didn't show it and answered the question in a very professional manner. I'm sure that Mathews and Hoyt are upset at each other and so many people are bad mouthing both of them and they are bashing each other. SO WHEN THE TECH. AT MATHEWS REALISED I WASN'T TRYING TO TALK DOWN OR BASH MATHEWS OR CALL THEM A LIAR ABOUT EVEN NOCK TRAVEL, I JUST HAD AN HONEST QUESTION THAT NEEDED ANSWERED HER WAS MORE THAN HELPFUL. I JUST WANT TO ADD THAT I HAVE CALLED MATHEWS MANY TIMES AND THE TECHS. ARE GREAT. THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN MORE THAN WILLING TO ANSWER ANY AND ALL OF MY QUESTIONS AND I HAVE LEARNED A GREAT DEAL FROM THEM. THANK YOU MATHEWS TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT, AND ESPECIALLY JOE.
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Thanks for the clarification, you don't need to convince me of that. There are just a few out there that get real defensive when it comes to Mathews. Personally I shoot a Hoyt but that is because of the dealer, not the bow. If my dealer had Mathews I would be shooting a Q2XL right now. That was more of a Smart A%& remark toward all the Mathews activist like KGB and others that keep ragging on Hoyt about the Cam 1/2 Sorry.
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