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Question about the value of a used Forge Bow

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I recently stopped into forgebow and found a deal on a used bow of theirs that they re-aquired. It is the Forge Bow Ventilator 32" (specs here:

It was bought 4 years ago, used for 2 years, and then the guy had a stroke and didn't use it for the last two years. It comes with an HHA sight (, a ripcord arrow rest (, a nice stabilizer, a peep sight, a quiver mount (no quiver though), a dead stick, and a hand loop.

My estimation is that these things cost a total of $1050 when bought 4 years ago. Forge Bow company is asking $425 for the bow and all of these attachments. The bow seems to be in good shape (minor dings in the riser is the only apparent damage), shoots smooth and quiet, draws smooth and quiet, and the string looks to be in good shape.

Is this a good deal? $425 for all this stuff? I think that it's a pretty good deal, but my buddy (who is more experienced than I, but has not seen the bow in person and has never used a Forge Bow) is apprehensive and thinks it is too much to pay for this setup. Thoughts?
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I owned a Forge Ventilator 34. They are a very nice local made bow. I only sold it after having shoulder surgery and could not comfortably hold full draw without the bow having a valley to drop into.

I believe $425 is a bit high for a four year old model. Even with the accessories you mentioned. If they are willing to haggle, I would offer $375 for the package, and then have them order a new Vapor Trail string set for it and have them install it. That should put the total price to around $475. This will assure you more good years of service from this bow. Also, since they are reselling on of their own bows, ask about them warranting it.

My original string only lasted a year before it gave up the ghost. Steve, the owner, is a good guy. After the new string was installed on my bow, he spent a lot of effort making sure I was happy as a clam with the way the bow shot before I left their range.
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