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Question for the Hoyt Experts

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I have an 2003 Pro Tec I purchased a month or so ago. I just purchased the EZE Laser Tuning Aid tool to get my center shot set-up.

In the instructions it says it can be used for cam alignment. I tried this out and have found that the cams are not aligned. The Laser light on the string at the knocking point drifts off as I rotate it to both cams.

It appears that the top cam (cam.5's) is shimmed in the center of the limb when it needs to be offset to one side to make the string in line with the center shot.

Is this an issue that I should have corrected or is this how it is supposed to be?

Thanks for the help
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I could be wrong in the following. but here goes any way. if you were to place a tape on the lower and upper limbs where they meet the riser. measure across the diamenter of the limbs find the center and place a mark there. now measure 3/16th to the left of that mark on a right handed bow and put a mark on the tape place a ruler on the riser at the burger button or rest mounting hole your string should intersect all three marks. most risers are not perfectaly square or flat there fore it is hard to get a reading with a laser or those string centering guages
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