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Question on DDeer behavior

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I always see posts on hunting sights asking if a spooked deer will return to an area and if so how long it takes. This got me to wondering about a few things.

I know I've been busted plenty of times over the past 35 years but it never seemed to diminish deer activity in the areas I hunt. I guess some of this is due to the fact that even though the deer were spooked they were not pressured.
But on the other hand how do deer react to natural predators such as coyotes?
In a field I was scouting several weeks ago I was glassing over a dozen deer, some nice bucks as well as does and fawns. As I was watching, a pack of 5 coyotes came out and although they did not bother with the adult deer they went after the fawns (unsuccessfully) but ran the deer out of the field.
The next evening the deer were back and after a while so were the coyotes. This went on for several evenings.
Now when I check the field the deer are still around but I have not seen the coyotes in over 10 days.
I do know they are still around because I can hear them at night ( I live bordering this property).
So, even though the deer are harassed in the area by coyotes they still come around. Wouldn't it be the same for human pressure?
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I agree with you! I do not believe deer move out of a area just because they see you. If that was the case were would they go and not see a human? Deer have a home range. Home is home and I think they say in it. Home may be a big place and it sometimes could take awhile before you see them again but they will come back. JMO
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