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Last night, I was out banging a few arrows around with my usual mixed results. After shooting for a while I noticed that something had changed and my accuracy and confidence had greatly improved. It was as if missing was no longer an option. I was doing something differently and it was working. I analyzed my stance and noticed that I had shifted the position of my front leg. I was now standing with my front leg in the vertical position and my back leg was at an angle. The ball of my rear foot was firmly planted, but my heel felt as if it was barely touching the ground. My front leg and rib cage were in a straight vertical line. I had always been taught to evenly distribute my weight on both feet with slightly more weight on the front foot. Now, with this change in stance, it felt as if I was almost standing 80% on one leg with the other leg acting as more of stabilizer rather than a support. I felt more relaxed this way and confident that I could hit the X and my shooting confirmed my feelings. My release was smoother and target panic was totally gone. I was drilling the X ring at 25 yards and really felt good about my shooting.

Is this type of stance acceptable or am I teaching myself to do something wrong? Should I go back to my previous, more balanced, stance and figure out what I was doing wrong with it or should I continue to stand with this much of my weight on my front foot and my front leg in this straight, vertical line?

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