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Question over brace height:

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Completely new to Archery so please forgive my lack of knowledge.

I have recently bought a second hand recurve bow after completing a 6 week introduction course and then joining a club.
The bow is a SF Premium + riser at 25" and SF premium limbs at 26Lb giving me a 66" bow. This was a recommended beginners bow with low poundage initially while i learn to shoot correctly.

My question is one of brace height... i have bought a cheap string from Merlin Archery recommended for a 66" bow but when i assemble the bow and measure the brace height the distance is 9.5 inches.
The recommended brace height for my limbs is 8 - 8.5" so my question is how can i reduce the brace height?

I had twisted the string 5 full twists initially prior to measuring and i have not looked at the limb bolts as yet. i thought i would ask first but the limb bolts do seem to be wound out a fair distance giving about 5-8mm of play when the bow in un-strung.

Any advice greatly appreciated.
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Seems your string is too short. Taking out twists will shorten the brace. But you still need to have twists in the string.
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