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Hello Everyone! I have been shooting bow since I was just about 8 or 9. Well, I am 13 now, and hunting and shooting are starting to seem more important to me now then they did in the past. I am starting to shoot more and more, but somtimes when I shoot my bow, I will hold my pin in the same spot twice, but the arrows that I shot will be no where near each other. I dont think that I am dropping my arm or pulling it as the arrow is being released. I just cannot figure out what it is that I am doing wrong. Does anyone have any pointers or advice?
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if the arrow is not going where you are aiming the reason is most likely alignment. Meaning your pin is not centered in you peep. Or you are creating torque on your grip. Or you are not pulling straight back with your release. Alignment problems come in many colors.

Also, if you are command shooting, you may be affecting the shot since you know when it will fire. Try to find a qualified coach to help you sort it out. We can only offer general advise. A trained eye will help you solve the actual problem.

Good shooting.
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