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Okay in my attempt to learn as much as possible. I have a couple questions.

1. I currently shoot 57lbs at 26 inches with a Maxima 250 and a 100 grain muzzy on it is there anything wrong with this arrow for my setup ?

2. my father owns a Hoyt Vectrix its a 07 model. Whats the differecen between the Vectrix and the Vectrix XL I drew the vectrix xl and couldnt believe the smoothness.

3. Also I practice about 3-5 times a week normally for anywhere frm 45mins to 1 and 30mins depending on if I'm shooting good. I have a habit of shooting low I think its because I settle in below the target then bring my pin up. Is there any tips that would help me ?

4. I currently dont use a stabilzer. The bow I shoot bare (I have a WB QS on it with a single pin cobra sight) is very light 3.8 lbs. Would a stabilizer help me be more steady on my target ?

5. I'm and not a veteran hunter by any means. This is my 4th year bow hunting so I try to learn from other people as much as possible. I get crazy nerves when I see a deer. Whats the best method to clam this down. Its alot better now then it was at first but I still get very nervous. Is that something that comes with time ?

6. I also found that when I concentrate on my form when I'm shooting (relaxing the hand and muscles) I shoot alot better then if I try to concentrate on the sight like a lazer. Am I doing anything wrong or is this okay ?

thanks in advance.
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Can't answer all of them,....but.

I bring my pin from the bottom of the target up, i'm consistent and am able to hit well, but thats how i've shot for as long as I can remember can't really give an explanation.

A stabilizer will help in slowing the movement down in which you wobble the bow, it may also help with your ? #3.

I get excited when I'm getting ready to shoot a big deer. For me I've learned not to count points. If I see Mass and width I'm shooting, I'll count later and it helps keep me calm.

#6- Shooting relaxed is the best way. I can fire off a couple shots in quick succession and be more accurate and consistent then taking my time and over-thinking my shots. to my shooting my bow is all about making a fluid movement from the time I draw back to the time i squeeze the release.
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