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Quick arrow poundage question.

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I have my bow set at 50 pounds right know and I wanted to know if I had room to turn it up any or if my shafts will be to weak? How high can I turn it up? I'm shooting Easton Carbon Excel 400 which are 8.1 grains per inch. With a 100 grain head. Also If I do turn my bow up will it make my bow out of tune or will it just make me shoot higher? Thanks
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We could guess until the cows ome home( sorry for the cliche). in my opinion you should turn the bow up in small increments and after each adjustment shoot it thru paper and see if it still tunes. I know that is not the answer you want but it is sure to answer your question eventually. Anyway that is what I would do here at the shop.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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