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quickspins + bitz = FAIL

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I'm trying the quickspins for the first time. Thought I'd give them a shot. I'm attempting to fletch with my bitzenberger and a straight clamp. And I've got a problem.

The clamp is flat, so it crimps the kicker fin on the quick spins and makes a tight grip on the vane very difficult. The contact point is the kicker fin instead of the base of the vane. I managed to try and make it work but it appears that it has affected the whole batch I fletched. I'm getting vanes coming off left and right. There isn't good adhesion in the middle of the vane because I just couldn't push it on, due to the flat clamp and the kicker fin.

What are you folks doing who use this combination? Anyone else running into the same problem?
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I marked the finlet on the QS with some lipstick. Put it in the Bitz clamp and marked where it was hitting. Took a Dremel and clearanced the area until I have the vane clamped fully by the clamp. End of problem.
Wish I had thought of that a few days a go, fletched a whole dozen, but so far so good.

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Well, that didn't go so well.

In order to grind the clamp I had to take it apart. No problem, right? I took off the spring clamps and while doing that the steel piece the magnet attaches to popped off. Dang. I'll have to glue that. Then while grinding that bugger over the sink, one of the ball bearings rolled into the disposal. Dangit. Then it took me a good 20 minutes of fiddling to try and get it out of there. I finally found a little magnet tool to get it out. Now back to the grind. I finished up and things looked good. Now, how the heck to put it back together? I tried everything, and in the meantime, I managed to ruin the clamp. I put a bend in it. Good thing I bought it at cabelas. The steel piece fell of before I did any of the heavy stuff so I'm going to return it and get a new one.

After all that, I may just go back to my trusty blazers. I'm thinking this quickspin stuff is too much hassle!

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I'm thinking this quickspin stuff is too much hassle!
I have been fletching the QS's for two years now, takes about 90-120 seconds to do one arrow, and I have NEVER had a vane come off. Not quite sure what you're doing, but I don't have a problem with the kicker. Once the base of the vane is seated against the clamp by pressing it on the arrow with a dry run, I glue it and set it. Hold for about 10 seconds, wipe excess glue and turn to the next one.
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