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Quieting a treestand

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Hi guys,

I just bought my first climber from Dicks, $100 on sale and a $25 sports authority coupon, yes they take them.

Anyway, its steel and heavy, but thats fine with me, it was within my buget. Ok, any advice on quieting the stand? It has a rubber tubing over the climbing cables. Should I put rubber washers? Cover the steel?

Thanks in advance,


also here is a link to the stand, and the Sports authority coupon expires TODAY! It was in the weekly circular or you can print one out online.


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I had an API Bowhunter and didn't do anything extra to it.

I know Sims makes a rubber spray coating that comes in a spray can that might be something you could do is cover the whole thing with a coat or two of that. But I don't think you will really have any problems as it is now. Good luck.

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plastic milk jug

If your stand has bolts and washers, cut small pieces of plastic milk jug and put between the head of the bolts & washers, also put a piece between the washer and stand---this will cut out the squeaks and pops
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