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We are clearing out our archery clutter (basically to make room for our newer stuff :wink:)

The black quiver is leather and is in really good shape. My wife used it until she recently got a new "girlie" one. It has three tubes and a zippered side pocket. My wife used this quiver for a lot of years so it has held up really nice. We are asking $30 TYD for that one.

The red one was ordered when we thought we were never going to get the ones we previously ordered. The ones we previously finally showed up after 6 months and only about a week after we got these. (can about guess where they came from) At any rate, our daughter decided to keep the blue one and so now we are left with this red one brand new in the package. It is a nice quiver and has a pocket for a trigger release and a good-sized side pocket along with some hooks and other features. We are asking $40 TYD on the red one.

If you are so inclined to purchase them both we would cut you a deal of $60 TYD.

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