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Radio Collared Whitetail

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Well I went out tonight at 4pm and sat until 7 before this whitetail came past me at 15 yards put an arrow through her and she made it 30 yards before piling up. When I got up to her she had a radio collar on her. The radio collar is on her for a study the alberta gov't is doing for the CWD testing, They are collaring randomly so they can try to monitor how far the individual deer travel to see the travel patterns of deer. SO far the furthest one that they have had has travelled 50 km in one night and she has never came back to where she was tagged. They have had some deer travel from Chauvin area to Unity Sask and back and forth 3-4 times in a year.

There is no problem in shooting these with the collars, they went from white collars to brown so that people would not be worried in shooting them. This is the second one we have shot. We shot one 2 years ago and had a fit when we approached her. Took her into the Fish and Wildlife and they just said thanks for turning in the collar

Here are a couple pictures of her

If Any of you end up getting one please turn the collar into the fish and wildlife asap, could end up saving alot explaining when they track it to your shed


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Yep, that's a dead deer alright. Nice shot!

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Hey Montec Boy ain't you s'posed ta tell whatcha used for broadheads and what aboot dem pinky arraz ya use? 'Course he sez they ain't pink they're light red :lol: Jest funnin' ya man - can't help but be Jealous, my goal this year was at least 2 does and it's not lookin' too good right now.

Trav, you're a machine this year. Enjoy it!
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