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I switched to Rage 2-blade 100 grain b-heads this year as a testing period and couldn't be more pleased with the results I have experienced. So far I have made 4 clean successful kills with the same three b-heads I purchased. Not only that, but they are all intact and have been resharpened, o-rings replaced, spin tested, and placed back into my quiver. I would have doubts about releasing one of them at a shooter buck tomorrow. The following is a list of my harvest this year and the circumstances of each. If you have any questions, concerns, or doubts please post them up as I am anxious to hear other reviews and thoughts as well.

1. 100 lb doe taken at 25 yards total broadside. My shot was less than perfect and hit her a couple inches further back than I was hoping for. However, the Rage cut her liver in half and I got a complete pass through. She ran hard for about 60 yards and piled up. Blood trail was very good and could be followed at a normal walking speed.

2. 140 lb cull buck taken at 20 yards severly quartering towards me. Now I know the bashers are going to slam me for taking this shot, but that's not the point. I felt supremely confident in my ability to place the arrow right in front of the left front near the base of the neck. And this is exactly what I did. I got 18" of penetration. The entrance hole measured 5". I sliced open the artery in his neck, cut one lung in half, and destroyed the liver. He ran 50 yards and piled up. Blood trail was amazing and could've been followed on a dead run to the deer.

3. 15 lb raccoon taken at 40 yards total broadside. I took this animal as a mount specimen for display. I know the b-head would easily kill this animal with nearly any hit, but my goal was to test it's accuracy out to that distance. The Rage performed flawlessly and hit perfectly. No tracking required.

4. 45 lb coyote taken at 30 yards total broadside. I took this animal as a mount specimen for display also. Complete pass through on a perfect hit. Although the coyote ran much further than either of the deer, making it about 85 yards. Blood trail was great for the first 50 yards and then slowed to almost nothing. In fact I found this coyote strictly by glassing the area around the last blood until I spotted it. Reason for this loss of blood sign was obvious once I found it. The whole was so large (due to the thin skin) that a softball size section of the liver/stomach/intestines had come out of the animal and had completely blocked the hole.

Well that's it so far. Like I said before, I am very pleased and plan to continue shooting this b-head for the remainder of the season. Any and All feedback is welcomed. Hope you are all having as much success this year...!
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