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Ratling Noise From Sight

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i use a sure lock supreme 400 on my c3 and i get lots of ratling noise coming from my sight i have checked avery thing on it and made sure every ting was thight on and still i get a ratling noise when i shoot the bow has any one out there experience anything like this and what did you do to stop the noise maybe switch to a diferent sight like a toxonics do you think that will do the trick any imput is apreciated
thanks joe
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Talk to Sure-Loc about it. Possibly they can offer some suggestions for things to look over first and then if still a problem I'd be willing to bet they would take care of the issue. I heard Sure-Loc made some recent changes to their Supreme which is supposed to eliminate the noise some were experiencing. Mine makes a little noise as well but I hardly notice it unless I'm in a really confined setting (like indoors). Isn't hurting the performance any, but I may look into getting it "fixed" as well once the outdoor target season is completed.

First suggestion would be to talk to Sure-Loc however and get their opinion on the situation.

Just my $0.02 worth..........................:)

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