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? re: HSS Treestalker vs Reversible harness

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Hi folks,
Does anyone have experience with the differences (other than pockets and colors) between these harnesses?
Read the HSS site and notice there is a max weight difference between them so I suppose there is some construction difference as well?

Waiting to hear back from HSS so if I get a response I;'ll let you all know what they say.

For some reason this year I feel compelled to be more safe than usual with Life Lines, etc.

Thanks a lot
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rapid response from hss

Wow! good CS from HSS

in a nutshell they said the treestalker is just as safe as their other vests however it is sized slightly smaller (therefore the wt difference) and lacks the ammenities of the reversible.
Also the wt range is suggested more for sizing.
I'll have one next time up a tree.

Good luck and a safe year to all.
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